Nove One Toothbrush Mug Grey

Nove One Toothbrush Mug Grey

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The solid coloured stoneware toothbrush mug from the award-winning Nova One bathroom series exudes luxury and spa atmosphere with its irresistible, delicious soft touch surface and a soft design language that pleases both the eye and fingers. Diameter 8 cm, height 10 cm.

With its solid colour look, clean lines and soft touch surfaces, Nova One helps to spread peace and harmony in the bathroom – the home's most important well-being room when it comes to plenty of time for self-indulgence and a much-needed respite.
With Nova One, designer Thomas Dudzinski pays tribute to the simple, honest and characterful expression. It has triggered a German Design Award 2017 for "particularly successful solutions" – an award given to committed companies and designers.


Brand: Zone Denmark
Colour: Grey
Design: Nova One
Product: Toothbrush mug
Designer: Thomas Dudzinski Design
Material: Stoneware